Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Strong Union

There is much talk today about people protesting and what they want. Or what they don't want. Or they don't know what they want. There is a common thread though that sticks out - people are nervous about their future.

College grads are staring at $1000 dollar a month student loans and most of the companies to work for have left the country - there are no jobs.

At the same time, benefits esablished by past generations of Americans who fought for things such as Social Security, Health Coverage and Retirement plans are now beginning to be referred to as "entitlements".

There is a cry by most of the 99% that things should be better and we agree. The part the 99% misses is that they will never get it "handed to them".

The only way to make any progress is to negotiate as a group and to unionize.