Monday, September 22, 2008

Victory In Case Over ORMC

"Upon foregoing papers it is ordered that this motion by defendant Orange Regional Medical Center (hereinafter "defendant") is denied and the motion by plaintiffs is granted to the extent that defendant, its employees and agents are restrained, pending further order of the court, from proceeding with or allowing electrical work at the hospital construction project which is the subject of this action pursuant to the contract with defendant Rondout Electric, Inc."

The decision stops ORMC and Rondout Electric from doing any more work. Thank you for all your support. We still need more support on this issue. I will keep you up to date on any other decisions.

The decision by the Supreme Court in Orange County regarding Orange Regional Medical Center is a big victory for the members of Local Union 363 but it is just the first step.

We must keep the pressure on ORMC to do the right thing. We must continue to make the calls to Scott Batulis and tell him to do the right thing and put our members to work!!

ORMC's phone number is 845-342-7516. Ask for Scott Bautilis

John Maraia
Business Manager