Saturday, August 20, 2011

IBEW Local 363 - Lead The Way

It is time for us - IBEW Local 363 - to organize ourselves and put our local in a greatest position of strength that we have ever seen.

We can help ourselves and the entire Labor Movement in the Hudson Valley by strengthening our own local to reach our fullest potential.
We need to do this now.

Hudson Valley Labor NEEDS a "leader union" and that happens to be us - IBEW Local 363.

That is easily done with one ingredient -YOU.

There are plenty of locals out there and plenty of people in them, but no one has captured and corraled their full potential in the Hudson Valley. Not to the potential there is out there.

No one needs to be told that the situation in America for the American worker is one of struggle. Struggle to survive. Struggle to keep what we have.

Corporations are ORGANIZED and all doing the same thing - coming after the middleclass and the cost or "entitlements" that come with them.

There is a war on decent wages and benefits out there that needs to be addressed. Quite, frankly, we need more bodies and more action.

Most of our employers are excellent employers in each of the sectors we serve. However, the pressure is on us to keep them excellent and address the ones that aren't.

IBEW Local 363 will be asking for your support and participation in many, many situations from now on. Come help to preserve and strengthen the Labor Movement.

Not only will we improve our own lot. Due to our efforts now, others will have a better life in the future.

That is the American way, the middleclass way, the union way and the IBEW way.

Sam Fratto
Business Manager