Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inside Electrical Negotiations To Be Held This Friday Morning In Harriman

Business Manager John Maraia has announced that negotiations for the Inside Principal Agreement for electrical construction will take place in Harriman this Friday at 9:30am with the Hudson Valley Chapter of NECA. Our negotiation team met today to discuss and devise a plan of action to implement in this next round of bargaining.

Our negotiation committee has agreed to stay at the bargaining table through the night and the entire weekend if that is what is neccessary to gain a respectable and fair contract for our membership. We are determined to have our members concerns addressed and their interests protected in any potential contract that we negotiate.

We believe that our committee has been upfront and fair through this entire process and we will continue to protect the integrity of our membership until these bargaining sessions produce a fair contract.

We will keep the membership informed of any results that come out of this session.

Please continue to check back to our website for additional information and updates in regard to these sessions.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Middletown School Board Changes Gears And Votes Yes To Do PLA Study

The meeting started at 7:30 PM and went late into the night with many of our union Bothers coming to the mike expressing their support for local workers and PLA's.

The non union employees were out in force - along with their bosses - speaking against PLA's and praising the board members who fought the idea no matter what positive facts and figures were brought in front of them.

The night proved two facts - we can get alot accomplished if we band together and speak out for our cause and we better prepare to INCREASE OUR NUMBERS AND EFFORTS. The anti-union crowd made an attempt to bring what they thought were big numbers but they could not overpower our numbers - this time.

We cannot ever let them produce more support then we do for issues like these that will put OUR MEMBERS to work.

At 12:45 AM - The Middletown School Board voted 5-4 in favor of doing the required study to see if a PLA would be worth using on the new $60 million dollar elementary school scheduled for construction this later year.

When we arrived at the meeting we did not have the votes for it - the tally was 5-4 against doing the PLA study.

Our efforts lobbying the board prior to the meeting and making our opinions known at the meeting itself turned the fifth and deciding vote our way.

Let's increase our efforts. Let's pass the word when there are meetings and let's get our membership to come out and support our issues.

Tonight proved it can be done.

Thanks to all from the IBEW and Local 363 who came out to help.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Help Us To Remind All Of Your IBEW 363 Brothers and Sisters

Please help us remind all IBEW Local 363 members that we need a really good showing at the Middletown High School THIS THURSDAY at 7:30 PM - Get there at around 7 PM.

We are trying to convince the school board to do the study needed in order for them to use a PLA on their $60 Million Dollar Plus New Elementary School.

The Board is currently split 5-4 against even looking at using a PLA but it is all due to POLITICS within the board and not because of any factual reasons.

We need everyone who is from Middletown to sign up to speak and just walk to the mike and say these words:

"I am a taxpayer in this school district and I want and/or demand that this school board looks to see if a PLA will save us taxpayers any money"

If that is too much then walk to the mike and say:

"You owe it to us - the taxpayers - to look into this - my taxes are too high to not even try to save us some money - use the PLA"

Every building trades union is supposed to send people to this meeting but WE NEED TO LEAD THE WAY.

Google directions to the Middletown High School and come out to support a great opportunity to put some local people AND OUR MEMBERS to work.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

PLA UPDATE - We Need To Be In Middletown On Thursday April 22

Thank you to the members that came out on Thursday night at the Middletown High School to stand up and support using a PLA on their upcoming new elementary school.


The PLA issue is getting hot now and it looks like our chances are better at getting the school board to go forward with approving a study to see if a PLA will be worth using on the brand new elementary school they are building this year.


Time is short and there is no time to waste. We don't know if we are going to get a PLA but we need to make sure that it isn't because of us - OR A LACK OF EFFORT ON OUR PART - if we don't get it.

We NEED to show that people support using local labor, UNIONS and the possibility of the Middletown School district saving some money.

We can't put this any plainer - it's time to get out and support OURSELVES.

Keep checking back on this site in case of an update or time change in the meeting....

.....and help spread the word to every Brother and Sister in this union and to the other trades too -'s time to come out.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Calling All Members To The Middletown School Board Meeting This Thursday 7:30 PM

THIS THURSDAY APRIL 8TH AT 7:30 PM AT THE MIDDLETOWN HIGH SCHOOL there is a Middletown School Board meeting being held and utilizing a PLA on the new Elementary School - scheduled for construction this year - will be discussed.

The Board is split 5 against and 4 for on whether to use a PLA or not at this time. The issue has become a political fight between the sides and we need to make sure that this decision is based on merits and not because one side is fighting with the other.

Come out and show your support for PLA's, putting local people to work and investigating whether a PLA can save the taxpaying citizens of the Middletown School District some money in construction costs.

The address for Middletown High School is:
24 Gardner Avenue
Middletown, NY 10940-3240

WE NEED ALL MEMBERS TO COME OUT AND SHOW SUPPORT - those from Middletown should sign up to speak in favor of doing the study to see if the PLA will save money.

Hope to see everyone this Thursday 7:30 PM at the High School.

Update On West Point Salting Possibilities

Thank you to all of our members who contacted Tradesource in response to our posting about them hiring for West Point. Please keep yourself current with them for any other upcoming work in our area. However, we have information that says they will NOT be hiring for West Point.

Professional Electric - the Norwood, Massachusetts contractor that has the West Point Prep School and the West Point Motor Pool Facility seems to be now hiring DIRECT.

We are asking our members to apply directly to Professional Electric. The following is their contact information:

Professional Electric
100 Access Road
Norwood, Massachusetts 02062
Tel: (888)732-3532 or (781)769-7767

Website: We have found that this site is currently temporarily out of service but you can check back on it periodically to see if you can apply online

For now -apply via telephone call - Ask if you can email or fax your resume or information, Ask if they have an application that they can provide to you by email or regular mail.

As always, please keep the union hall updated on your efforts to be hired with this company. If you feel that you have a chance to get hired or move further into the hiring process after you have called - please call Organizer John Sager at (845) 216-7021.