Friday, April 23, 2010

Middletown School Board Changes Gears And Votes Yes To Do PLA Study

The meeting started at 7:30 PM and went late into the night with many of our union Bothers coming to the mike expressing their support for local workers and PLA's.

The non union employees were out in force - along with their bosses - speaking against PLA's and praising the board members who fought the idea no matter what positive facts and figures were brought in front of them.

The night proved two facts - we can get alot accomplished if we band together and speak out for our cause and we better prepare to INCREASE OUR NUMBERS AND EFFORTS. The anti-union crowd made an attempt to bring what they thought were big numbers but they could not overpower our numbers - this time.

We cannot ever let them produce more support then we do for issues like these that will put OUR MEMBERS to work.

At 12:45 AM - The Middletown School Board voted 5-4 in favor of doing the required study to see if a PLA would be worth using on the new $60 million dollar elementary school scheduled for construction this later year.

When we arrived at the meeting we did not have the votes for it - the tally was 5-4 against doing the PLA study.

Our efforts lobbying the board prior to the meeting and making our opinions known at the meeting itself turned the fifth and deciding vote our way.

Let's increase our efforts. Let's pass the word when there are meetings and let's get our membership to come out and support our issues.

Tonight proved it can be done.

Thanks to all from the IBEW and Local 363 who came out to help.