Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year To All IBEW Local 363 Members

On behalf of the Officers and Staff, IBEW Local 363 would like to wish everyone - in all of the many divisions and occupations of our union - a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We hope we are able to help you all have a better 2011 and beyond!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Taylor Biomass Finally Gets All Approvals - Breaking Ground Monday December 6

Taylor Biomass will break ground for Phase one of the project on Monday December 6.

Thank you to all IBEW 363 members who attended meetings with us to support this project over the last two plus years.

After much work, many meetings and a little bit of hope the Montgomery Town Board granted the company permission to start construction of its garbage to gas facility.

Senator Charles Schumer and Congressman Maurice Hinchey, who were instrumental in securing a $100 million federal loan guarantee, will be at the ceremony on Monday along with company owner James Taylor, IBEW 363 and Building Trades officials.

The new plant is expected to create some 400 construction jobs and it should help to give some relief our Brothers and Sisters who can sure use the work and the paychecks.

Let's hope it is the first of many more opportunities to come.

Powerful Speech Supports The American Middle Class - Exposes Hypocrisy

It is not very often that you hear a politician from any party get up and tell it exactly the way it is.

This speech is an exception to the rule.

These are extremely important times for working class families. Not only is the economy and unemployment doing terrible damage to the working class - the corporations are still taking more as we suffer.

Labor Unions play a key role now and will play a much more important role in the coming years. Labor is the only organized group still running interference for the American workers.

Most in the dwindling middle class are fast asleep but they are soon in for a rude awakening. The people are about to be pushed to the brink by corporate greed and organized labor will be sought after to bring the middle class back to life.

History repeats itself - you heard him say that "they want to bring us back to the twenties."

Well, the thirties followed the twenties and so did the resourgence of labor. That resourgence happened when the people were pushed down as low as they could go - just like what we see developing now.