Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fight For Workers Rights Continue With Some Backlash

The fight for workers rights continues on with various Governors throughout the country feeling empowered enough to attack middleclass workers under the guise of "cutting the budget".

Local School Boards are in turmoil trying to save their own budget bottomline. The problem is as plain as the nose on everyones face. Somehow, there is not enough money in the pot.

How did we get to this point? What happened? Is it really the "fault of the unions"? The answer to this is "No", it is none of those things.

The simple answer is that corporations pay just HALF OF THE FEDERAL TAXES that they paid in 1980 and now they want it to go lower. They helped to elect people in office who would cut THEIR taxes and leave the working middleclass holding the bag.
The blame game is on and the workers health plans and pensions are the cause of this evil. Baloney.

This is also at a time - from 1980 to now - where average CEO pay has risen over 300%!

It looks as though enough middleclass noses got pushed hard enough that there is finally going to be a backlash on these anti-worker politicians.

Recall elections have been petitioned for in numerous states and are expected to send some of those politicians packing back to the private sector.

Pay attention to politics this year - it will be very important for labor to send a loud message...............protect middleclass America or see you later.