Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inside Electrical Negotiations To Be Held This Friday Morning In Harriman

Business Manager John Maraia has announced that negotiations for the Inside Principal Agreement for electrical construction will take place in Harriman this Friday at 9:30am with the Hudson Valley Chapter of NECA. Our negotiation team met today to discuss and devise a plan of action to implement in this next round of bargaining.

Our negotiation committee has agreed to stay at the bargaining table through the night and the entire weekend if that is what is neccessary to gain a respectable and fair contract for our membership. We are determined to have our members concerns addressed and their interests protected in any potential contract that we negotiate.

We believe that our committee has been upfront and fair through this entire process and we will continue to protect the integrity of our membership until these bargaining sessions produce a fair contract.

We will keep the membership informed of any results that come out of this session.

Please continue to check back to our website for additional information and updates in regard to these sessions.