Monday, April 19, 2010

Help Us To Remind All Of Your IBEW 363 Brothers and Sisters

Please help us remind all IBEW Local 363 members that we need a really good showing at the Middletown High School THIS THURSDAY at 7:30 PM - Get there at around 7 PM.

We are trying to convince the school board to do the study needed in order for them to use a PLA on their $60 Million Dollar Plus New Elementary School.

The Board is currently split 5-4 against even looking at using a PLA but it is all due to POLITICS within the board and not because of any factual reasons.

We need everyone who is from Middletown to sign up to speak and just walk to the mike and say these words:

"I am a taxpayer in this school district and I want and/or demand that this school board looks to see if a PLA will save us taxpayers any money"

If that is too much then walk to the mike and say:

"You owe it to us - the taxpayers - to look into this - my taxes are too high to not even try to save us some money - use the PLA"

Every building trades union is supposed to send people to this meeting but WE NEED TO LEAD THE WAY.

Google directions to the Middletown High School and come out to support a great opportunity to put some local people AND OUR MEMBERS to work.