Monday, February 22, 2010

Check The Official IBEW Local 363 Blog Or Just Click On The "Traveling Opportunities Box" On Our New Website For Out Of Town Work Updates

We believe that our membership needs to be aware of every possible work opportunity available across the country in these trying economic times.

Local 363 is in constant contact with local unions across the country in an effort to gather and pass employment information along to our members.

Many times our members will report possibilities and leads that they have heard to us. We encourage our Brothers and Sisters to share ALL INFORMATION they hear so that we can confirm and share that information with our entire membership.

IBEW Local 363 is committed to do everything possible to investigate every lead and to help our members become employed in addition to our efforts to help our contractors secure work in our territory.

Please check back on this blog frequently for information pertaining to out of town work opportunities.

Please continue to call in any information you may have so we can verify and post it for Local 363 members.