Monday, March 22, 2010

Reminder - Don't Forget To Apply For Your "TWIC" Card

Just a reminder - on January 21, 2010 a letter was mailed to every construction member urging all to look into applying for what is called a "TWIC" card. "TWIC" stands for "Transportation Worker Identification Credential"

Don't let the name fool you, it is not just related to transportation workers - it will affect the construction workers ability to be cleared for work on large projects throughout the country.

Having this card or not could decide whether you are allowed to work on projects such as Power Generation Plants, Chemical Plants, Federal Projects along rivers and other projects that fall under what is known as the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA. )

Basically, this is a result of increased Homeland Security Regulations and will most likely be required in regard to ANY project near any river.

This is a Federal regulation and it will apply to both inside and outside of our jurisdiction and throughout the entire country.

For information on how to apply for your TWIC card, please contact Ross Olivieri at the Union Hall at (845) 783-3500.