Saturday, May 8, 2010

BIG Thanks To Members Who Came Out This Week To Middletown And Ramapo

Thank you to everyone who attended public meetings with us this week in an effort to help get work for our unemployed members.

The Town of Ramapo had a meeting on Thursday night about the brand new, multi-million dollar minor league baseball stadium.

We asked our members to come out and support this project BECAUSE there is some opposition to it. Groups of people who are against it are starting to come out. We need to show that there are people who support it that want the stadium AND jobs it will bring.

Having a stadium for a minor league team is a positive investment for a cummunity and we support it.

The Middletown School Board had a budget meeting - also on Thursday night - and we attended to continue to push for the PLA.We are showing support for those who voted with us and ordered the PLA study to be done.

Thanks to those who came out to support the $60 million dollar project that will bring work for our members.

Middletown also has a SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION for ONE SEAT coming on MAY 18, 2010. This is A VERY IMPORTANT ELECTION. The Supervisor, Eastwood wants Boardmember Lynn Perkins off the board because she voted for the PLA Study and he didn't want her to do it.

We need to support Lynn Perkins for Middletown School Board all building trades unions and members need to vote for her. She supported labor and keeping jobs local and union.