Monday, July 12, 2010

Anheuser Busch INBEV Workers Reach Out To IBEW Local 363

Workers at the building on Stewart Airport property known as the "Bud Can Plant" were always treated very well by the company.

"Bud" was an All-American company then.

Now that's all changed. "Bud" is no longer an American owned product.

It was sold to a company from Belgium called Inbev - now the worlds largest beer brewer.

That's not the only change that is coming. The workers are being held hostage to promises of cutbacks that the company openly brags will line the pockets of the top 40 Executives with millions of dollars that used to belong in the workers pockets.

There are already riots in Europe because of this companys detrimental actions in regard to its labor force.

Seeing the handwriting on the wall, the workers in the Newburgh plant contacted the IBEW Local 363 and asked the local to help them organize.

These workers need a contract. There has been an overwhelming effort and response by the workers to bring in local 363.

Please support these fellow workers and future IBEW Local 363 members in their goal to become organized