Sunday, October 31, 2010

Former President Bill Clinton Visits IBEW Local 363 To Speak On Behalf Of Congressman John Hall

Bill Clinton thinks this year’s elections in the Hudson Valley, in New York State, and around the country are “fact-free.” The former President spoke at a rally on Saturday night at the IBEW Local 363 Training Facility in Harriman to benefit Congressman John Hall.

Our local was asked if we could host the event and it turned out to be a huge success.

Our Business Manager John Maraia Sr. was asked to be the Master of Ceromonies for the event. At our October Union meeting, he invited all of our members to attend and asked them to help spread the invitation to other 363 members.

Over 550 people packed the union hall in response including NYS AFL-CIO President Dennis Hughes who gave a rousing speech.

The rally included live music by Congressman John Hall, Larry Hoppen, Joe Bouchard, playing, among other songs, the Orleans hits “Dance With Me” and “Still the One”. Congressman Hall was a member of the "Orleans".

Clinton took the stage and reinforced the claim that voters have been mislead by accusations and smear campaigns on behalf of Republican candidates. He urged Hall’s supporters to look into recent legislation such as the Wall Street Reform Act, provisions of which ban future bailouts and provide a means to ensure that another recession does not arise.

He spoke of the Democrats’ “Pay-as-you-go” system of balancing the national budget, a system that Clinton’s administration used that the current administration has reinstated.

“How did we balance the budget? Because the Congress then had a rule called Paygo, pay-as-you-go,” Clinton said. “You wanna do something new? You gotta stop doing something else or go tell the people you need to raise money to do it.

The pro-labor former President urged everyone in attendence not to believe the hype against President Obama and the Democratic Congress. "It took them 8 years to dig the hole we are in, we can't dig out of an 8 year hole in 2 years."

IBEW Local 363 and the entire labor movement in the Hudson Valley stands behind John Hall and hope to push him to victory!