Thursday, October 6, 2011

Clambake Location And Weather Work Out For A Great Day!

This years Clambake had an early threat of rain but the sun poked through and there wasn't an umbrella in site. A good time was really, held by all. We had our first bake at Kruckers in Stony Point and it turned out to be a great place. The set up between the pavilion and the food couldn't have been better and there was enough food to feed an army. The people that served us were pleasant and very accommodating.

The clams were plentiful and spread out for anybody who wanted them, along with some horseradish that really lived up to its name. It could choke a horse.

The card games went on from noon till after the buses left - didn't see any big bills but did see a lot of poker faces. The best part of the day is talking with the retired Journeyman that we all worked with and learned from. It is always good to see all of those guys together. If we are all lucky, someday we will be able to join them.

It looks like a new clambake tradition developed this year - the Young Studs vs the Old Bloods Softball game. In other words, the current Local 363 team against those that are way past their prime and can't make the team anymore. That was the most fun I have seen that many people have in a long time - both players and spectators.

There were some people on the Old Bloods who had no business trying to dive that were making world series catches - only to be complaining the day after that they couldn't walk.

We are starting to plan next years bake already and are looking into a few new additions.

See you at next years bake!