Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ABINBEV MCC Workers Choose IBEW Local 363 In NLRB Election

The workers at the ABINBEV Metal Container Corporation have choosen IBEW Local 363 to represent them in collective bargaining in an election that was held on Friday August 27 and Saturday August 28 by the National Labor Relations Board.

These workers manufacture the cans for Budweiser Beer and other beverage companies affiliated with the company which is now called ABINBEV after the sale of the Anheuser Busch Company to INBEV - a Belgium owned company.

This campaign started approximately 6 months ago and there was a tremendous amount of work put into this effort by countless workers at the plant and by IBEW Local 363. This is a solid group of workers who are very proud to become members of the IBEW and especially of Local 363.

They understand the power associated with having a written contract to work under. With the sale of AB, the workers knew they had to take steps of their own to protect themselves and they contacted Local 363 to make that happen. They picked the right union!

We are glad they had the courage to take those steps and we welcome them into the IBEW. There are 164 NEW IBEW 363 members now because of their courage and effort to band together to join the union and to speak with one voice.

Once again, welcome to IBEW Local 363!