Thursday, August 12, 2010

Taylor $100 Million Biomass Facility To Receive Loan Guarantee

Taylor Biomass in Montgomery should be able to move forward with its plans to build its first biomass gasification plant to convert trash to electricity.

The US Department of Energy has given initial approval, and is ready to give the final OK, for $100 million in loan guarantees for the project.

Senator Charles Schumer and Congressman Maurice Hinchey and other politiciansjoined IBEW Local 363, Building Trades Officials and company leaders, including President James Taylor, to make the announcement.

Schumer called Taylor a visionary.

“His work with our help is going to make the world a better place,” he said.

Taylor now hopes to break ground on construction this fall.

“Senator and congressman, I would ask you to extend your invitation to President Obama and Secretary [of Energy] Chu to put on their schedule sometime around October 15, 2010 to put the shovel in the ground in Montgomery,” he told the lawmakers at a news conference at his office.

There is a project-labor agreement that's in place for this project so we are pushing for this project to move forward.

We have been working closely with Jim Taylor for years hoping we would see this project come to life. It is as close as you can be right now - let's keep our fingers crossed.