Monday, February 28, 2011

Come Attend A Rally For Workers Rights To Bargain This Thursday March 3 At 4:30 PM

There will be a rally made up of various unions in the Hudson Valley to show support for the Wisconsin Public Employees and ALL EMPLOYESS RIGHTS TO COLLECTIVE BARGAINING.

The rally will be held at the Teamsters Local 445 Union hall on Stone Castle Road in Newburgh, NY and it will begin at 4:30PM.

If you are really not up on what is going on, the best thing you can do to really get a feel for what is happenening is to go to and type in "Wisconsin protests".

You will come up with a large group of videos that will surely how you the struggle first hand. You will also see the rebirth of the labor movement right before your eyes.

This is much bigger than some Republican governor trying to balance his budget. This is about the Republican move to do away with unions a s a whole.