Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hudson Valley Workers Rally For Rights Energizes The Local Labor Movement

Almost 1000 people gathered to stand up for the rights of all American workers this past week in Rock Tavern, NY. It was a cold day and it was amazing to see all of the people there. There were men, women and children, there were college students and high school students along with those close to retirement.

Thank you to Pete Seeger for joining with us to sing Solidarity Forever and Which side are you on? The answer to that question was definitely the American worker.

Sometime in the future, the labor movement will look back and realize that Scott Wilson was the catylst this generation needed to energize the existing labor movement and to preserve the American Dream for the future generations of workers.

This movement is growing at an incredible speed. PLANS ARE BEING MADE RIGHT NOW FOR A BIGGER RALLY TO BE HELD SOON.

More information to come on that soon.....check here for info.